Telecoms for financial services

Black Sun Technology has delivered a number of global telecoms programmes for the financial services industry. The following are selected highlights.

IDN 15X global network performance upgrade programme

Black Sun technology provided programme management services to Reuters for the performance upgrade of its IDN network.

Reuters IDN data network comprises a number of data centres carrying financial and news data to 40 different countries. Ever since it was built, upgrades have struggled to keep up with increasing demands on performance, with each upgrade being obsolete by the time it was delivered. The US Options Price Reporting Authority was decimalising its prices, requiring the largest step increase in traffic with a fixed deadline a year away that the IDN development teams had ever faced. The target performance was set at 15X; to increase fifteen times above the original design parameters.

By developing relationships and working closely with the development teams and data centre staff in each country, through a delegated management structure, the efforts of around 1000 staff were effectively coordinated for successful delivery by the deadline. It is understood that the result was so successful that the upgrades put in place are still effective six years later.

Atlantis Business Continuity programme

Black Sun Technology provided programme management to deliver 37 simultaneous projects adding Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery capability to the Reuters global financial data networks and data centres, in over 40 countries across Europe, Africa, America and Asia using a matrix of of virtual teams and outsourced resources.

The projects included;
  • LAN and WAN voice and data network infrastructure rollouts
  • Data centre builds; both new and legacy migrations
  • Client / server systems builds, based on NT, VMS, Unix and Solaris
  • System and customer UAT testing of BC solutions
  • Development of operational procedure improvements and their documentation
  • Staff training and exercises on BC invocation procedures

Other Projects

Black Sun Technology has delivered a large number of financial services telecoms projects including;
  • Reuters messaging - Programme Management with Reuters and Microsoft
  • Reuters dealing system - Test management
  • Reuters Small Cache data centre lights out operation - Architecture and Project Management

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